Exploring Hagerman’s Foodie Side

Welcome to Hagerman, a charming town situated along the scenic Snake River. The culinary landscape is as diverse and as intriguing as the landscape itself. Whether you’re a local looking for your next dining spot or a traveler passing through, Hagerman boasts a variety of eateries that cater to every palate. And the best part, a lot of the ingredients are grown right here in the valley.

1. Snake River Grill

Conveniently located right next door to the Hagerman Valley Inn, the Snake River Grill is a haven for lovers of classic American cuisine. Sink your teeth into thick, well aged steaks, juicy hamburgers, savory soups, salads and more. Choose a famously grown Idaho Potato for your dinner side and mix in all of the fixings for a tasty delight. Or try them fried in long thick slices for a great, Idaho grown French Fry. Also, for all of those visiting from outside of the area – here there is a magical dipping sauce called Fry Sauce. We won’t tell you what’s in it, but I can promise you won’t regret giving it a try!

In the morning, get a hearty breakfast from the grill. They serve up local sausage, bacon and homemade pancakes. Or try the classic biscuits and gravy, a veggie stuffed omelet, steak and hashbrowns, whatever your heart desires. They will all leave you craving more. With its welcoming atmosphere and delicious fare, Snake River Grill is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

2. Wilson’s Club & Fire Pie Pizza

The Wilson’s Club is a true staple of the community and in Idaho. It is the longest continuously run bar in the state. The building has seen a number of travelers pass through, but it’s an icon in Hagerman. Those walls have seen reunions, parties, farewells and so many memories. The addition of the patio has added a fresh bit of fun and ambiance to this historic building. Now, on the food – woodfired pizza takes the crown in the fight for best pizza. Add in fresh ingredients and you can’t beat Fire Pie’s recipes.

At Fire Pie each pizza is crafted with care using homemade dough and fresh, local ingredients, and the best wood they can find. Their pizzas are fired to perfection, boasting a delightful blend of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. They also feature Italian pastas, soups and some of the most delectable deserts you’ve ever tasted. All made fresh and inhouse. They have a great dining area inside, but their patio really shines during the summer months. Picture the sun going down with music playing, dancing, great food and company.

3. The Riverboat Restaurant

The Riverboat Restaurant is renowned for its finger steaks and hearty steak dinners. Indulge in homestyle cooking that comforts the soul. It’s the local’s go to place in town and you’ll be sure to see a number of trucks parked outside most times of the day. Their plates are piled high and at extremely reasonable prices. Also, if you’re looking to try a filet of Idaho’s famous trout, look no further than the Riverboat.

All of this paired with a selection from their full bar, you’ll find a downhome and satisfying dining experience. Expert tip – if you get into town late, they are a sure spot for late-night eats, The Riverboat Restaurant has you covered.

4. Los Portillo’s

Experience the vibrant flavors of Mexico at Los Portillo’s, Every dish is a celebration of authentic Mexican cuisine. From fresh guacamole to sizzling fajitas, each bite is a sensation of delight. The skill and passion of the chefs can be tasted in every bite. It’s a small, simple restaurant, but the food will take you miles away. Lunch and dinner is served with fresh chips and salsa and their churros are a delightful desert to top it off.

Los Portillo’s recently opened a second location in Bliss. They are an excellent place to unwind and enjoy rich flavor and fresh ingredients. Los Portillo’s continues to delight diners with its amazing food and warm hospitality.

5. Bullets & Brews

Start your day off right with breakfast burritos and artisanal coffee from Bullets & Brews, a cozy spot that caters to fast morning munchies. Whether you prefer a quick meal to go or a caffeine fix, this charming eatery has everything you need to fuel your day in Hagerman

Well known throughout the state and has created quite a fan base, Bullets & Brew, not only serves coffee, but has an awesome assortment of local gifts, boutique items, ammo, handguns, shotguns and other hunting/shooting/fishing supplies. Hagerman is home to a professional marksman training facility as well as a well known destination for waterfowl hunting. Bullets & Brew offer a great place to not only grab a cup of Joe, but grab the essentials for all your sportsmanship needs.

6. Papa Kelsey’s Pizza & Subs

Looking for a family-friendly dining option? Look no further than Papa Kelsey’s, where you can grab a delicious pizza, toasted sub or salad. Once you’re finished wash it all down with creamy ice cream and a refreshing soda. With its relaxed atmosphere and mouthwatering offerings, Papa Kelsey’s is sure to please diners of all ages.

7. Flights Tasting Room

While Flights Tasting Room may not offer food in-house, it more than makes up for it with its impressive lineup of craft beers, ciders and wines. Check their calendar for special events, live music and maker nights. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a craft beer enthusiast, you’ll find something to love at this chic tasting room in the heart of Hagerman.

8. West Point Cafe

West Point Cafe isn’t technically in Hagerman, but is fairly close to town and surrounded by some of Hagerman’s most stunning landscape. Situated between Ritter Island and Box Canyon State Park it is a great place to fuel up between adventures. Their shop has been upgraded with stylish decor and their burgers are to die for. If you come in the winter it is also right next to the famous Eagle Tree. There you will see hundreds of Eagles come to rest in the evenings.

Hagerman Eats

From sizzling steaks to wood-fired pizzas, Hagerman has something to satisfy every craving. So, why not embark on a culinary adventure and discover the flavors that make this town truly special? Whether you’re a foodie seeking new tastes or simply looking for a delicious meal, Hagerman welcomes you with open arms and a table full of culinary delights. Bon appétit!

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