Refreshing a Classic

The Hagerman Valley Inn began construction in 1987 and opened a year later. There were soo many signs this was the right path for us along the way. But fun fact, 1987 is also the year my husband and I were born. Just a small coincidence on the journey we took to acquire and are still taking in remodeling and refreshing this property. It’s been over a year since we signed the papers and almost a year and a half since we started the whole process. I wish I’d been able to document it before now, but I hope to do my best showing you around and getting behind the scenes for your reading pleasure.

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An introduction:

We are the Barry’s – A family of five, with a golden retriever and two cats. My husband’s family owned an equipment rental company up until they retired. Jim grew up with tools and equipment. He didn’t always have experience actually using them, but he was very familiar with how they worked and what they were supposed to do. Melissa has a background in outdoor recreation, marketing and tourism. My highlights were definitely with Cabela’s and Visit Southern Idaho before leaving to pursue hospitality full time. My time there was punctuated with some of the highest percentage increases in the state, innovative marketing products and new resource development – including Shoshone After Dark.

We’ve come a long ways in the last year and a half, with some interesting lows and rewarding highs. At the end of the day, both Jim and I have enjoy making things beautiful and well loved. I think our reviews speak for themselves and that we’ve most likely stumbled onto something here.

From Motel to Hotel:

The Hagerman Valley Inn is a 16 room classic motel on the edge of the adorable town of Hagerman, Idaho. There are 12 double queens, three king suites and one remaining queen suite. The Garden Room and Safari Room are now known as the Blue Heart Room and Desert Room. The Sawtooth Room and the King Room have been updated, but remain similar. Renovations started in the double queens and have expanded to all, but 5 rooms. Between demand, length of renovations and other surprises, the process has definitely taken longer than we expected. The property also features a two bedroom living quarters, laundry room and check in lobby. Outside there are two deck patios and a concrete patio to the north of the building. Each of these outdoor spaces have been fitted with fun outdoor furniture and places to enjoy the fantastic weather Hagerman enjoys.

The Founder, Mark Bolduc:

Because he deserves the spotlight. The founder and portrayer of the area is still the county’s commissioner and serves the community in so many aspects. His vision for Hagerman is part of the reason the community has done so well and become a small destination. Mark owned the Snake River Grill, the Hagerman Valley Inn, 1000 Spring River Boat Tours, Yaks, car sales, commercial buildings and more. He has one of those awesome success stories of a young student seeing an opportunity and having the discipline to make moves early in his life. He started this entrepreneurial life when he was in high school. Mark saved enough money to by a trailer house. Figuring out the details of home ownership isn’t something Jim and I figured out until we were in our late 20’s, regretfully. Not only did he start there, but chose to use it as an investment and started renting it.

This grew into many fun ventures, but it seems he looks back most fondly on his days at the Grill and Inn. His nick name in High School was Frog. During his time at the grill people would bring frog memorabilia from all over the world. Soon, the area was known as Frog’s Landing. Most of the frogs have found new homes (although we’ve brought a few back). But the name and notoriety of the area is still very much alive.

The Area:

Hagerman is known for the 1000 Springs and the fresh, blue water that emerges from the canyon sides. Some of the more famous sites are Ritter Island, Niagara Springs, Blue Heart and Box Canyon. There is also geothermal (hot) water that bubbles up to several spots along the valley. Miracle Hot Springs, 1000 Springs Resort and Banburry Hot Springs are open for visitors most days of the week. It’s also rich in a very unique way, during the Pliocene Epoch, Hagerman was a diverse and thriving landscape. Many of these fossils are preserved in the bluffs near the Snake River. The well known Hagerman Horse and thousands of other fossils have been found here. It’s not uncommon that new species are discovered even now.

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