Hagerman & Buhl’s Hot Springs

Are you looking for a way to escape the cold? Take a dip in some of Idaho’s most soothing, geothermal hot springs.

Hagerman is known as one of Southern Idaho’s most unique landscapes and outdoor playgrounds. There is an abundant amount of recreation, site seeing and adventure to be found in the valley that surrounds the Snake River. Many of the recreational activities do slow in the winter, but the temperate climate and warm natural springs bring new opportunities.

Hot Springs

There are three main hot springs open to the public and a few private hot springs that can be rented as part of a vacation rental or special party. Hagerman’s geothermal waters have over 50 naturally occurring minerals and a pH of 9.6. Because of this, the water feels like silk and helps rejuvenate the skin and relax muscles. Most of the pools continuously flow and eliminate the need for chemicals. They are also odorless and leave you feeling refreshed. These amazing waters are the key to any winter trip to Hagerman.

1000 Springs Resort

1000 Springs Resort is a very large indoor pool area. They even have a slide, multiple diving boards and a kid’s swimming area. The building also has several private pools to choose from that are also geothermally heated. Outside, there are RV hookups and boat docks. Duck hunters and fishermen can also launch from their boat ramp to access the Snake River near Ritter Island.

1000 Springs Resort is great for families with kids. It is a very boisterous and fun place, especially on the weekends. Check their social media pages for other activities and classes throughout the year.

Miracle Hot Springs

The most popular hot springs is Miracle Hot Springs. They are located 10 minutes from the Inn, Miracle is a very nice and relaxing place. Each of the pools are filled with crystal clear mineral water each day. They also offer private pools. Filled after each guest, you can decide how warm to make the water. In the center, there are several general pools with varying levels of warmth. The dressing rooms are heated and lockers are provided for your personal items. Miracle’s focus is on relaxation and providing a serene atmosphere.

Miracle Hot Springs also provides on-site massages. Some of the best masseuses in the valley can be found here. We highly recommend booking a private VIP pool after a massage appointment to maximize the relaxation. Massage appointments as well as VIP pool reservations book up fast. For more flexibility, you may need to book weeks in advance. The other option would be to visit during non-peak hours.

Since hot springs have been growing in popularity, Miracle Hot Springs has enacted a reservation policy for all admissions. These can be placed on their website. It is best to make advanced plans to ensure your soak at Miracle Hot Springs.

Banbury Hot Springs

Banburry is a beloved hot spring and a favorite among locals. It is situated near the Snake River and surrounded by a wooded and grassy area. Banbury Hot Springs is under the same ownership as Miracle Hot Springs and is currently closed for renovations. Originally built in the 1920’s there are some exciting new renovations planned. We hope they reopen as they offer some of our favorite amenities from both hot springs. Check here for updates.

Banbury’s private VIP rooms are smaller than Miracle’s, but they offer an open view to the river. This can make it noisier, depending on your neighbors, but the view is unmatched. The large open pool area is a frequent practice spot for scuba divers. Banbury is a down to Earth place for swimmers and families to enjoy the soothing warm waters of Southern Idaho.

Banburry is also home to Banbury Adventures. You can get kayak rentals and pontoon boat tours. They have ample parking and camping in the summer. Their location makes for a great jumping off spot for Blue Heart Springs and the headwaters of Box Canyon.

The Hot Springs Are Calling

This winter we recommend jumping out of your cozy houses and into the hot waters of Southern Idaho. There are a few other commercial hot springs dotted throughout Southern Idaho, but the ones in Hagerman are close to town. The Wilson’s Club and Flights Tasting Room feature live music and there are lots of options for dining. Plus, a drive to Hagerman typically means clear roads, beautiful scenery and bird watching abound.

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